The 5 C’s


Kids have soccer practice, dinner needs to be ready and you’ll still have time to fit the chiropractor in because of our no wait, no appointment necessary visits.
Our patients love the fact they can pop in for a quick visit without needing to make appointments or rearrange their entire schedule like with other doctors. In fact, in under 10 minutes our patients can get in, see the doctor and have a phenomenal healing experience.
We cater to families and understand how hectic your schedule can be. You’ll love our late evening hours, quick in and out service and kid friendly atmosphere. If there’s a special time you need, that’s ok too. Our doctors won’t mind staying after hours if a unique situation arises in your schedule. Remember, our new walk-in hours, you’re encouraged to walk into any day we are open, but please allow one hour for new problems or if you are impatient. There is no need to call or wait for an appointment, just come on in, and we will help you as soon as possible


With today’s economy, you’ll be glad to know our fees are 27% lower than industry averages. We have patients who pay visit by visit and others that prefer saving more with our budget friendly care plans.
We also work with ALL insurances and are in network with the following:
• All Blue Cross & Blue Shield plans
• Harvard Pilgrim
• Tufts
• Medicare
If you’re coming from another office, inquire about our Budget Friendly Care Plans for more savings. Regardless of the payment option you choose, know that you’ll still receive the same high quality care all our patients have come to expect.


You may have been to another doctor’s office where you felt pushed into more care you felt you needed or were comfortable with. We don’t work that way at Treux Chiropractic Center. We see our job as showing you the finest Chiropractic care available; we see your job as choosing how much of that care you want and how fast you want to proceed. Unlike other clinics that use a “kitchen sink” approach to care, we’ll tailor make a care plan that works best for you, your health goals and your budget while still getting the results you want.

Visit By Visit

Some patients choose to try a few sessions and see how it goes, others may be veteran chiropractic patients who’ve moved to the area and want to pick up their care where their last doctor left off. Whatever the situation, you’re free to choose the care that best fits your need… whether it be pain relief, lifestyle improvement or maintenance.

Comprehensive Care

Like Dentistry, Chiropractic offers more comprehensive spinal care for those who have significant problems they want corrected. Much like bracing teeth, comprehensive care focuses attention at correcting abnormal spinal alignment as well as relieving pain. Dr. John is proficient in Palmer/Gonstead Technique, and Impulse Instrument Adjusting.


You’d be surprised to know just how much school you need to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. It’s similar to, and in some areas more difficult than medical school.
Dr. Truex completed a 4 year Doctorate level course at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the same number of years that MDs complete in medical schools. There he trained in the appropriate use of analytical equipment including X-rays, examination procedures, and state of the art chiropractic investigative technologies. He obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1972. Dr. John received his National Board Certification in 1984 and continues post graduate education in the field of Impulse Instrument Adjusting, decompression therapy, and rehabilitation techniques.


Today’s Chiropractic care is better than ever with more gentle and safer techniques. Dr. John takes care of tiny babies, to grandmas and grandpas and knows the best technique to use for everyone’s unique situation.

The majority of patients have a feeling of relief and relaxation after their spinal adjustments, while others experience a rush of energy. Perhaps the best feeling after a Chiropractic adjustment is the confidence you’ll feel… knowing your body is working to it’s peak potential with a clear and stress free Nerve System.