Never Lost with Chiropractic…

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Chiro GPS

Ever drive lost for miles and miles before stopping for directions? Before the advent of GPS, that was pretty common.  When you finally discovered how off course you were, you most likely had to re-trace the roads you were on to get back on track.

Getting lost with your health is similar.  If you’ve ‘traveled’ the wrong way for miles and miles with your health – popping pills to mask your pain or searching endlessly for the right pillow – when you finally stop at a Chiropractor’s office to get good directions, you might have to retrace those lost miles with intensive care to get back on track.  But the good news is, you won’t be lost any longer.

Once you get pointed in the right direction, Chiropractic care is the GPS that keeps you on course.  Get checked regularly, take adjustments when necessary and stay on the right road – we’ll help you reach your destination.

Get the Bowling Ball off…

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Bowling Ball

Question: If you drop your favorite bowling ball on your foot, what’s the first thing you need to do to start the healing?  Answer: Get the bowling ball off your foot!  Sounds simple, but it’s true. Your foot CAN’T heal until the offending pressure is removed first.  The same principle applies to your Chiropractic care.

A misaligned vertebrae (Subluxation) acts like a bowling ball on a nerve – creating compression, pain and inflammation.  Healing starts only when the offending pressure can be removed and kept off the nerve with sequential adjustments.  But don’t expect instant relief.  Removing the pressure is simply the first step in a timely process.

If you don’t feel great immediately after an adjustment, don’t be discouraged. With a clear Nerve System and time, damaged tissues can heal and you’ll feel like new again.  For now, be confident the healing process has at least started because the bowling ball has been removed.

Smell Something Burning?

Thursday, May 17th, 2012
Smoke Detector

Smell Something Burning?

A family physician tells his patient “there are 3 stages of pain. The first stage, the pain is bad enough to catch your attention. The second stage it takes hold of you, and at the third stage it finally compels you to do something about it.”  The patient asks his doctor, “when it gets to stage three what should I do?”  Without a blink, the doctor turns to him and says “take some Motrin…” (True and sad story)

The worst part is the patient actually thought it was good advice.  When he relays the story to his Chiropractor, the Chiropractor responds “if your smoke detector went off in your home, the 1st time it would probably catch your attention…  the 2nd time it would most likely take hold of you.  But if it went off a 3rd time and you were finally compelled to do something, would you take the batteries out so you wouldn’t have to hear it anymore?  “Of course not,” the patient replied “that would be stupid…” The patient got the point.

The moral of the story… Symptoms are your body’s attempt to save itself.  Masking your symptoms (whether it be pain, nausea, diarrhea or fever) with drugs doesn’t fix the problem, it can actually make the situation worse.  It’s smarter to get to the CAUSE of the problem and deal with it the RIGHT way.  That’s why they call Chiropractors “DC’s”  because they are Doctors of finding the Cause!

Re-Boot Your Nervous System

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
Control Alt Adjust

Control Alt Adjust
















Have you ever had to restart your PC after the hard drive froze?  You hit ‘Control+Alt+Delete’ to reboot the operating system and get everything running smoothly again.  Your human computer (Nerve System) needs a periodic rebooting too.

Your Nerve System gets overwhelmed from daily stress.  An urgent work deadline, unexpected family crisis or any inconvenient change in your routine are unsolicited stresses (spyware or a virus) that bog down your nerves.  The result – your body slows down, runs sluggish and eventually “freezes up” with an illness.  Getting a Chiropractic adjustment is like hitting the Control+Alt+Delete buttons.  It clears your Nerve System of unwanted stress and gets you running fast again.

The stress our grandparents experienced in a week, today we get in just 24 hours!  If you’re not purging the tension from your Nerve System on a regular basis, your hard drive could crash.  Get ‘rebooted’ routinely with Chiropractic care and stay ahead of the failure.

Congratulations to Dr. John Truex – 40 Years of Chiropractic Service!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Truex chiropractic Center was first started in a small office on Leyden Street, in Plymouth in May of 1972. We later moved to Kingston for 10 years, before finally settling in the Plymouth Industrial Park in 1985 where the office remains to this day.

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